Brief history of OCC

History of submarine cables in Japan

History of submarine cables in Japan

'The Nihon Kaiteidensen Co Ltd.' was established in 1935 as the antecedent company of the 'Ocean Cable Co., Ltd.' The Headquarters and Osaka Plant opened at Taisho-ku, Osaka City where the domestic manufacturing of submarine communication cables was realized for the first time in Japan. In order to meet the increasing demand for submarine cables, the Yokohama Plant was newly established in 1941 and the manufacturing of insulated land cables commenced in 1949. Further in 1963, the 'Nihon Kaiteidensen Co., Ltd.' established the Kaminokawa Plant, a production plant for land cables featuring high efficiency and high productivity.
In 1960, the 'Taiyo Kaiteidensen Co., Ltd.' was established to meet the requirements of the age to come of submarine cables for long distance telephone. The Headquarters and Plant were situated in Naka-ku, Yokohama city.

OCC has grown up along the progress of cables in Japan

In order to meet the increased demand for optical submarine cables, to be expected with the coming of the multimedia age, the Shin Yamashita Plant and the Kanagawa Plant, which had been specializing in the production of submarine cables for many years in Yokohama, Kanagawa, were moved to Hibikinada, Kita Kyushu in 1995 and began operation as the "Submarine Systems Division". The production capacity of submarine cables which was 20,000 km per year in the first stage, expanded to 50,000 km per year in 2001. This plant permits a 10,000ton class laying vessel to come alongside the pier.

On October 1st 1999, the company name was changed to "OCC Corporation".

On November 2002, we move the headquarters to Yokohama that is the place of establishment of a business of the ‘Taiyo Kaiteidennsen Co.,Ltd.’.

On July 2008, It is meeting for a stockholder of “OCC Holdings” which is our 100% holding company in NEC Corporation and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

On October 1st 2010 OCC greets the 75th anniversary from the establishment of a business.